Surviving after a house fire

If you are reading this then you or someone you know has had a house fire.

I am sorry.

This has been written to be of help for you. It comes from our experience of our daughter’s family house fire. You may have a whole range of thoughts and feelings swimming around or simply be in a state of shock. This is a loss and grief reaction.

Please let others help you, and I hope this may be a useful guide. 

Loraine Cain - Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand

What to do immediately after a fire:

After the Fire Brigade is in attendance at your house fire;

  • Inform your family and immediate friends (and landlord if you are in rental accommodation)
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How to plan for the short-term after a house fire:

  • If someone offers to co-ordinate the collection of goods, accept this offer! (Some schools have the ability to do this, and may have the facilities to store goods temporarily.)  
  • Your insurance company may have the provision in your policy to pay for a storage unit....
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How to plan for the medium term after a house fire:

  • There are MANY phone calls, consultations, and decisions to be made – continue to record these. Insurance companies can be very helpful but the process may be lengthy. You may be required to itemise all things lost, ensure you get actual prices to replace these – this can be a lengthy process but worth the effort to assess actual costs. Remember the loss adjuster/assessor is working for the insurance company.
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