Short Term Planning 

  • If someone offers to co-ordinate the collection of goods, accept this offer! (Some schools have the ability to do this, and may have the facilities to store goods temporarily.)  
  • Your insurance company may have the provision in your policy to pay for a storage unit. List what goes into storage and where, use your appendix two – this is essential to know where things are for your next housing. Our co-ordinator even sent out some of the “thank you’s” which was most helpful. Keep all receipts.
  • Accept all offers of help – these people can help list, sort and pack clothes and goods.
  • Accept all offers of goods and arrange for these to be dropped off – once sorted, any surplus goods can be given to a charity e.g. Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, or Hospice.
  • Compile a list of clothing and footwear you require and remember to include the next seasons clothes too. See appendix three.  
  • Compile a list of household chattels and goods. See appendix four. This list can help others to know how they can help you too. 

At this stage it is essential you take care of your general well-being;

  • Eat well, and drink water regularly.
  • Take some exercise and fresh air.
  • Work through some stress relieving/relaxation exercises.
  • Meet with friends.